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My name is Tatiana Sakurai and I’m a teacher of lightworkers and change agents dedicated to sharing the powerful consciousness tools that have helped me, my clients and my students BECOME the change they would like to see in themselves and in the world.

I specialize not only in practicing a synergy of multiple modalities for clearing at the energetic level, but more importantly, I can teach you game-changing techniques that empower you to make a top-down shift in consciousness. Together we can and will shift ancient patterns of fear and limitation.



The work I do extends into private sessions of counseling and energy work, lightwork and movement classes, group projects and written material I’ve developed such as:

  • Lightwork classes (like the 4 Elements of Infinite Being and Energy Hygiene for Empaths)
  • Special healing events (like Spirit Spa and Happy Hour Healing)
  • Community ceremonial gatherings (like Wild Woman Camp-Out and Dark Illumination)
  • In-depth training programs (4 levels of Lightworker Training courses)
  • Gemedies :: crystal + botanical healing essences
  • YogAdagio :: multimodality movement practice
  • Lightworker Training Manual and Online Courses (to launch this year)


Many years ago I, like many people, believed that psychic skills were a special gift given only to the chosen few.  Now I know better.  We all have amazing capacities just waiting to be explored and expressed!

I have been interested in alternative healing as a hobby since the early 90’s and have experienced several intense initiations into deep healing work. Motivated by my desire to cure my own illnesses and insanity, I learned various techniques through herbalism, whole food diets, yoga, mindfulness, psychology, self-help books, and endless experimentation.



Some of the shadow work I’ve been blessed to do in this life has included experiencing and healing patterns and trauma related to: dysfunctional family programming, violent assaults, anxiety/panic attacks, life threatening illness, homelessness/poverty, foster care/adoption, sexual assaults, drug addition, codependency, suicidal/self-destructive acts, domestic violence and abuse, and loss/grief among others. I list some of these things to let you know that I have personally worked through a LOT of painful stuff and I KNOW from a deep experiential place what energy/consciousness tools actually work in a daily practice of loving ourselves free from old patterns.

In early 2007, I had a powerful activation when I was in the hospital and I discovered amazing abilities I didn’t know I had. Thus began an exploration into the kinds of energy work that I do today.



I started off my adventures in energy work and consciousness tools by practicing what I was learning in A Course In Miracles and Donna Eden’s classic book Energy Medicine. Later that year I dove deeper with all 4 levels of Pranic Healing training, assisting my teacher with classes, and helping to run the weekly free clinic. After a few years, I started to work more multidimensionally, so I asked the Universe for a tool and got one: Access Consciousness.  After that, every time I asked for help with clearing the things I was seeing, the Universe would show me another tool.

Now my toolkit also includes shamanic practices, Theta Healing, various meditation and visualization techniques, ceremonial and ritual work, prayer and invocation techniques, 2-Pointing, Usui Reiki Master training, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and somatic experiencing, aromatherapy, crystal and flower essences, and an array of inventive techniques I’ve co-created with Source and clients through my practice.  I use a synthesis of this combination of modalities to clear energetic blocks, entanglements, programming, implants, and entities for my clients or their spaces, replacing the energies that no longer serve them with energies that do.



On 11-11-11, I received my ministerial ordination and dedicated myself to the full-time practice of my spiritual calling.  I currently have ten years experience in practicing energy work every day, and am grateful for the privilege of having it as my full time job. I have practiced yoga for over 20 years, and have taught movement classes for 5. Now that I have been teaching energy/consciousness work for 5 years, I am working to launch Lightworker Training as a multimedia online course and I am in the process of finishing the manual for publication later this year. I’m so excited for that!

The personal process of my life’s work continues to unfold, and interestingly enough, the more I’ve focused on helping myself to find more ease, the more I practice compassion and non-attachment, the more I’ve been able to facilitate healing for others and be truly helpful.

Since 1993 I have called Portland, Oregon my home. I enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the area with my life partner of 13 years and our dog friend.

I am grateful for the many blessings in my life and grateful to share the love with everyone.

Thank you for your visit today and your curiosity about me and my work. Some of my favorite resources can be found in the links below.

Infinite Love & Blessings,




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