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My name is Tatiana Sakurai and I’m a spiritual counselor and teacher of lightworkers.

I have been interested in alternative healing as a hobby since the early 90’s and during my life have experienced intense initiations into deep healing work. Motivated by my desire to cure my own illnesses and insanity, I started experimenting with herbalism, whole food diets, yoga, mindfulness, psychology, self-help books, and my imagination.

In this life, I’ve had the opportunity to do my own shadow work that has included healing trauma related to: physical/emotional abuse, life-threatening illnesses/situations, homelessness/poverty, abandonment/attachment issues, sexual assaults, drug addiction, codependency, suicidal/self-destructive acts, loss/grief, anxiety/panic attacks, and others.

I list these things to let you know that I have worked through some painful stuff and I have learned in a deep experiential way what energy/consciousness tools actually work in a daily practice of loving ourselves free from old patterns.

In early 2007, I had a powerful activation of my innate lightwork capacities when I was in critical condition in the hospital. I discovered amazing abilities I didn’t know I had. Thus began an exploration into the kinds of energy and consciousness work that I do today. I’ve been practicing these tools intensively for 12 years and teaching for 7. During this journey I have uncovered the truth that we all have the ability to work with the light of our being.

The personal process of my life’s work continues to unfold, and interestingly enough, the more I focus on helping myself to find more ease and the more I practice compassion and non-attachment, the more able I am to facilitate powerful healing for others and be truly helpful.

Because I wanted to give more people access to what I’ve learned, I created four levels of Lightworker Training courses that I teach online and in person, and I recently published Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness. It’s a manual that contains all the foundational teachings of the Lightworker Training Level 1 course and then some. In addition to Lightworker Training course material, I also develop and teach lightworkshops such as 4 Elements of Infinite Being, and Energy Hygiene + Empath Empowerment.

I hold space every Sunday for Moonistry, the Cult of Consciousness. Moonistry is a spiritual support circle where I facilitate energy clearing, meditations, counseling, and teaching for lightworkers. Every moon cycle we explore a new theme together. I also hold space in Portland at Temple Medicine Healing for monthly group healing circles, special events, and occasional one-on-one studio sessions.

On my Instagram page I post Psychic Weather Report videos with mini transmissions on whatever I witness arising in the collective, so that folks can get a heads up on the energy waves washing through and know they’re not alone in what they’re feeling. I love giving suggestions on psychic tools that can be implemented for specific situations, too.

I’ve dedicated my life to spiritual service. I hold space everyday for healing with clients, students, and members of the community. I show up as a volunteer, facilitator, counselor, friend, teacher, minister, or whatever is required of me in the moment. I am committed to making this work accessible through offering affordable rates, payment plans, scholarships, and gifted service. I acknowledge my white privilege and offer scholarships to BIPOC.

All my life I’ve been interested in art, especially performance art. As a movement artist, I have practiced dance, mostly lyrical jazz with a classical dance foundation, for most of my life and yoga for much of my life. Several years ago, I developed and taught a movement practice called YogAdagio that combined slow, flowing dance and yoga elements. I’m currently studying Indonesian and Filipino martial arts techniques and loving it. Although I haven’t had much training, I love singing and have sung in musicals, choirs, bands, sacred circles, and solo.

Since 1993, I have lived on the traditional land of the Chinookan peoples, which is now called Portland, Oregon. I sing praises to the ancient nature spirits of this sacred place, and give thanks for its rivers, mountains, and forests. I acknowledge that I would not be able to follow my calling so effectively without the healing and support this beautiful land gifts to me.

I am grateful for the abundant blessings in my life and grateful to share. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit more.

Infinite Love,
Tatiana Sakurai


Creator of:

Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness

Lightworker Training Courses: Levels 1 – 4

Lightworkshops: Energy Hygiene + Empath Empowerment, 4 Elements of Infinite Being

Moonistry: Cult of Consciousness: Group Coaching Mentorship

Light Warrior Program: Spiritual Coaching Mentorship

Wild Woman Camp-Out: Women’s Ceremonial Retreat

Community Services: Psychic Weather Reports on Instagram, Meditations on Soundcloud, Community Spirit Circle at Temple

Guest Teacher/Facilitator at:

Toren Collective (Energy Hygiene, Cord Cutting, Land Clearing)

Clary Sage Herbarium (Energy Hygiene, 4 Elements of Infinite Being, Chakras 101, Crystals 101)

Portland School of Astrology (Energy Hygiene)

Portland Plant Medicine Gathering (Energy Hygiene)

Temple Medicine Healing (Lightworker Training, Community Spirit Circle)

Inner Glowing (Becoming the Gift You Are, Successful Flow)

Sou’Wester Wellness Programs (4 Elements of Infinite Being)