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My name is Tatiana Sakurai and I’m a spiritual counselor and teacher of lightworkers.

I have been interested in alternative healing as a hobby since the early 90’s and have experienced several intense initiations into deep healing work. Motivated by my desire to cure my own illnesses and insanity, I learned various techniques through herbalism, whole food diets, yoga, mindfulness, psychology, self-help books, and endless experimentation.

The shadow work I’ve had the opportunity to do in this life has included the personal experience of healing trauma related to: physical/emotional abuse, life threatening illnesses/situations, homelessness/poverty, abandonment/attachment issues, sexual assaults, drug addiction, codependency, suicidal/self-destructive acts, loss/grief, and anxiety/panic attacks, among others.

I list these things to let you know that I have personally worked through a lot of painful stuff and I know from a deep experiential place what energy/consciousness tools actually work in a daily practice of loving ourselves free from old patterns.

In early 2007, I had a powerful activation of my innate lightwork capacities when I was in critical condition in the hospital. I discovered amazing abilities I didn’t know I had. Thus began an exploration into the kinds of energy work that I do today. I’ve been practicing energy work and consciousness tools intensively for 11 years and teaching for 6. During this journey I have uncovered the truth that we all have the ability to work with the light of our being.

I’ve created four levels of Lightworker Training courses and lightworkshops such as 4 Elements of Infinite Being and Energy Hygiene + Empath Empowerment, because I love sharing the tools that have helped me and my clients.

I’ve dedicated my life to spiritual service. I hold space for healing with clients, students, and members of the community, showing up as a volunteer, facilitator, compassionate listener, counselor, friend, teacher, ceremonial priestess, or whatever is required of me in the moment.

The personal process of my life’s work continues to unfold, and interestingly enough, the more I’ve focused on helping myself to find more ease, the more I practice compassion and non-attachment, the more I’ve been able to facilitate healing for others and be truly helpful.

Since 1993 I have called Portland my home. I enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the area with my life partner of 13 years and our dog friend.

I am grateful for the many blessings in my life and grateful to share.

Infinite Love,