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Apr 5
It’s Already Here
5 Apr, 2019. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Tatiana Sakurai
We've officially entered into the second quarter of the calendar year, the beginning of Spring, and what feels like the beginning of a new life. As I've been talking about in my somewhat weekly Psychic Weather Reports, we've been going through a time of massive shift and upheaval and many of us have been feeling the angst of being in the void space where the old way has died, but the new isn't here yet. Thankfully, the first signs of new life are breaking through the soil, physically and metaphorically, and yet, much of what we are seeing at this…
Mar 9
Meditation on Golden Light
9 Mar, 2019. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Tatiana Sakurai
Wow. The great transformative shift that we are co-creating keeps ramping up. There's no going back to the old ways of being. Folks on the ascension path are noticing huge opportunities for healing and growth and we are workin it!   With so much ancient trauma clearing out of our many bodies through multiple timelines, and so much energetic expansion happening, I've noticed lately that our auric fields are feeling pretty blown out. That means there's an increased tendency to sponge up weird energies and entities, and feel drained by energy leaking out of the fields that should be containing…
Jan 11
The Book Baby Has Arrived!
11 Jan, 2019. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Tatiana Sakurai
I am celebrating the arrival of the physical manifestation of what has been taking up all my free time, money, and energy for the past couple years. It's my book baby! Yayyy! I'm so grateful to have had the love and support necessary to birth this creation and I give thanks to everyone in the community, especially my beloved writing coach/editor/mentor/muse the man of seemingly endless talents, Nick Jaina. I am also incredibly grateful for the expertise and insight provided by editorial powerhouse, Alisha Westerman. Everyone's been asking, so here's where you can get your very own copy: By the…
Nov 24
The Return of In-Person Sessions
24 Nov, 2018. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Tatiana Sakurai
Now that the book is on the verge of being published, I am opening my doors to in-person sessions in the beautiful new annex at Temple Medicine Healing. I hope you will join me in this sweet sanctuary upstairs that feels like a secret tree house. Lately, session work has been really powerful as I have received numerous upgrades and am running more energy than ever before. I'm grateful to have a space that can hold the container of the work. I've done a couple of days of sessions in the space to feel it out and it's amazing. In…
Oct 31
The Lightworker Training Manual Is Almost Here :: Order Yours Now
31 Oct, 2018. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Tatiana Sakurai
I am so thrilled to share with you that the book I've been working on for the last couple years is now ready to be published. Please consider pre-ordering and/or buying services through the fundraiser to help me cover the publishing expenses. You'll get sweet deals on the book and session work if you do! Order it here: Check out the perks here: Thank you so much for anything you can do to help!
Oct 2
FALL CLASS UPDATE :: Time to Write with My Mentor
2 Oct, 2018. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Tatiana Sakurai
To all you aspiring writers out there, the world needs your contribution! Consider this your sign from the universe to make it happen. The Modes of Writing class with my incredible coach and editor, Nick Jaina, will inspire and encourage you to take the steps to create the work you've been dreaming of. Speaking of dreams, Nick is the dreamiest! Just look at what he has to say about this class: "The structure for this class borrows from the first eight cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. I am interested in identifying "modes," or styles of writing in…
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