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Do you believe that a New World is not only possible, but necessary?


Cosmic Fire is a spiritual community of radical healers, visionaries, and artists who believe it is our highest calling to bring forth our gifts in service of co-creating a world in alignment with the Earth, the realms of nature, and universal law.


We see ourselves as agents of necessary change, and as the medicine people our ancestors spoke of that are here to assist in the transition of the death of the old world and the birth of the new. We know that this evolutionary wave of cosmic consciousness is an unstoppable force of nature and that it is more joyful to surf it than to drown.


We are here to anchor the frequency of a divine truth that embracing our sacred desires, the pleasures of embodiment, and the impulse of creativity is the way we free ourselves from the evil, anti-life systems of oppressive control and domination.


We have co-created Cosmic Fire as a sacred space where we can be seen, validated, and accepted as the 5D change agents, visionary mutants, and evolutionary outliers that we are. We know that when we join with like-hearted folks we see our true essence reflected and we can refill our cups. We need this support for the resiliency of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.


Cosmic Fire is a community where we can inspire and be inspired. Where we can experience the magic that happens when our perception of Reality is repeatedly upheld over the degraded reality being pushed on us by family, friends, the media, and the armies of the one percent.

Our collective vision is to change the world. And we can’t sustain a vision this big in isolation. We are weaving this creation with our spiritual guides and helpers, the realms of nature, the souls on an ascension path, and the Earth herself.

We invite you to pick up the threads of your unique gift and talents and join us!


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Cosmic Fire is a community of creatives, visionaries, and dreamers who are saying “Enough!”​

We didn’t incarnate here at this time to be obedient wage slaves. We didn’t come here to live out the bankrupt dreams of our parents’ generations. We didn’t come here to mutate ourselves so we can fit into a society based on force, hoarding, racism, gender oppression, and the destruction of the Earth and our fellow creatures to feed the greed of the one percent.

We have made a firm decision that this society will be abolished and replaced by a society where freedom, opportunity and respect for the Earth are the new global norms. We gather here in sacred space to support each other in being the gift that will change the world.

Cosmic Fire is a space where we can be seen and validated as our Authentic Selves. Where we are encouraged to follow our bliss and fully express our inner genius.

If you’re a star seed, mutant, evolutionary outlier, empath, healer, artist, maker, lover of beauty: welcome home! We are the family you always wished you had.

Help us reclaim the creative power of the human imagination and to remake the world in our image.


Learn more about our spiritual mission to create a new world through the power of imagination HERE.




DK Brainard and Tatiana Sakurai are empaths and abuse survivors who struggled for many years to overcome the symptoms of their childhood trauma. Their devotion to beauty and Nature – and their willingness to keep creating beyond their conditioning – led them to become artists and healers and eventually, to one another.

Together, DK & Tati have more than 30 years’ combined experience opening and holding sacred space for personal and group transformation. They are deeply loving and masterful guides as well as life-long creators who embody a lived spiritual practice.

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