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Tatiana’s Gemedies are crystal healing in a bottle. Each Gemedies essence is crafted with loving care and conscious intentions. Using her experience in reading energy, Tatiana selects specific crystals and/or flowers essences and combines them in custom blends made for the occasion.

In addition to the chosen crystal and floral essences, each Gemedy is infused with the energy of the sun, Reiki, pure mountain spring water, phi ratio spiral frequencies and the crystalline beauty of structured water.

All the elements used in the creation of Gemedies are energetically cleared, charged and consecrated for healing by Tatiana, a master lightworker, ordained minister, and Reiki master.

Custom and standard Gemedies essences are available for $10 per 1/2 oz and are available for pick up or delivery (postage rates apply).

Also in the Gemedies line, a liquid smudge for external use: Energy Hygiene spray that includes essential oils along with crystal essences. Perfect for smudging on the go. No need to worry about smoke, lighters, and falling embers. Available in travel size (1 oz) for $10, standard size (2 oz) for $14 or refill bottle (4 oz) for $22.

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