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 We all have energy bodies, but not many of us have been taught how to care for them.

I’d love to show you how easy it is to tap into your intuition and move tons of energy to keep your aura sparkling.

I specialize teaching an integration of multiple techniques and modalities with a non-dogmatic approach. Because I’ve practiced many ways of working with energy, I’m able to help you find what works for you.

The Lightworker Training program I’ve developed gives you both a rock solid foundation of structure and room to be yourself and develop your unique skills.

“This was an awesome course!  I learned so much and just spending the six weeks learning the tools you use has absolutely changed my life for the positive!  I am looking forward to the next classes in the training.”



Lightworker Training is immensely helpful for anyone with an energy body, but is truly a game-changer for healers, helpers, and sensitive folks of all kinds including therapists, social workers, nurses, caregivers, empaths, counselors, coaches, and all those who feel called to be of service in the world.  Lightworker Training can give you the tools to avoid on-the-job stress and burn-out.  You can learn how to do what you love without the feeling of sacrifice and struggle.

“I am so grateful to have met Tatiana as one of my teachers. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is just curious, anyone feeling unwell, ungrounded or off-center, and especially anyone who works with or around others.”


“Tatiana Sakurai is my spiritual teacher and mentor. If you are a sensitive empath, you must take one or all of her lightworker courses. It will change your life!”



Lightworker Training courses start with a strong foundation in level 1: an 8-week course of core teachings and practices designed to give you a toolkit for session work. The training continues with a series of advanced lightworkshops offered as modular units that combine to create an additional 3 levels of curriculum.

In Level 1 you will receive a well-rounded set of key energy work techniques and consciousness mindsets which are taught and practiced week by week, so that by the end of the course you will have all the tools required for a complete lightwork session for yourself, clients, or loved ones. Level 1 creates a solid foundation of tools and practice so that when you’re ready, you can dive into more advanced levels to work faster, deeper, and more multidimensionally with confidence.

Because I understand from my own journey as a student the importance of consistent practice in achieving mastery, I’ve designed the course with time to practice and integrate new tools every week. 7 weeks of the course are devoted to learning the foundations and on the 8th week there is a fun and empowering practicum class where everyone brings a friend with which to practice a complete session. After completion of the course, each student receives a certificate. Certificates may be used as proof of CEUs for LMTs in Oregon.



Current tuition for Level 1 is $333 which includes 16 hours of class time plus 1 hour of private coaching with Tatiana.

A deposit of $50 will hold your place and payment plans customized to suit your budget are available for everyone.

Partial scholarship and/or work study is possible for low-income students. Contact Tatiana with inquiries.



Repetition of classes is encouraged. Repeat fee for the 8-week course of Level 1 is $50.  Repeat fee for Advanced Lightworkshops is $25. (Repeat fee does not include private coaching.)



You can begin your Lightworker Training exploration with a complimentary student consultation to see if this work would be a beneficial part of your practice.  Book yours now HERE.

For one-off intro classes and workshops, please see the events + classes page HERE.



Work the course at your own pace and depth with one-on-one customized lessons with Tatiana in person or via video call. Regular session rates apply.


“The amazingly gifted and SKILLED Tatiana Sakurai is offering her Light Worker Training Course… and I assure you it is amazing. If you have been on the fence, wondering if you want to delve into energy work/ healing and want an introduction into an array of well-melded modalities, Tatiana’s course is for you. “


“Tatiana possesses the qualities that make it possible to undertake a leap of faith, such as energy work training. She is both grounded and psychic.”


Interested? Book your free consultation HERE.



I am currently editing and preparing to publish the manuscript for the Lightworker Training manual. Soon everyone will have access to the book students have been requesting for years. I finally did it, guys!




  • Key mindset awareness
  • Meditation techniques
  • Invocation + co-creation
  • Releasing energetic attachments
  • Sensing + differentiating different energies
  • Energy field structures + functions
  • Biofield + chakra clearing
  • Energetic hygiene + self-care
  • Channeling energy safely with intention
  • Shielding


  • Properties and applications of color rays
  • Contraindications + color safety
  • Applying colors to basic LT session protocol
  • Our evolving chakra system + functions
  • Protocols for physical + psychological healing
  • Case study practicum
  • Advanced cord-cutting + shielding techniques


  • Advanced entity/parasite removal
  • Demonic depossession
  • Finding + closing portals
  • Properties of crystals + working with crystals
  • Advanced emotional + psychological healing
  • Psychic self-defense


  • Working co-creatively to clear limiting beliefs
  • Removal + replacement of limiting programs
  • Removal + replacement of psychic implants
  • Quantum/co-creative healing techniques
  • Integrating + flowing in multiple modalities



ADVANCED LIGHTWORKSHOPS :: Modular Units for Graduates of Level 1


Info-packed advanced lightworkshop that will boost your practice with the power of crystals.

In this experiential class, we’ll be learning and practicing how to clear, charge, program and consecrate our crystals for healing and how to work with them as wands, grids, lay-outs, activators, jewelry, and elixirs.

Bring crystal allies you may already have and/or learn which crystals are most helpful for you before investing.

Color Therapy lightworkshop is also recommended for those interested in working with crystals.

For graduates of Lightworker Training Level 1 only.


If you love color, this class is for you, rainbow warrior!  Not only is color therapy fun, but it’s a potent way to boost your practice.

In this info-packed lightworkshop, we’ll learn about the properties of the beautiful color rays of light, how to channel them, and how to work with them safely and effectively.

This experiential class will also cover some applications with protocols for physical healing that we will practice.

Color Therapy is a helpful adjunct to Crystal Healing. It is extremely beneficial for those students who feel called to work with crystals and/or plant medicines.

For graduates of Lightworker Training Level 1 only.


This advanced course module is all about ENTITIES!  What are they?  How do we attract them?  Do we create them? How can we get rid of them?

In this power-packed lightworkshop, we’ll illuminate some of the interesting phenomena surrounding entities of all kinds.  Get ready to embody the light, get multi-dimensional and learn to clear: earth-bound spirits, thought-forms, demons, portals, parasites, contracts, and implants.

How does it get any weirder or more fun than THAT?

For graduates of Lightworker Training Level 1 only.


What are your beliefs? Are they helpful? Would you rather believe or know? What would it look like to create beyond your limiting beliefs?

In this advanced lightworkshop you’ll learn about limiting beliefs, programs, contracts, and implants. Discover how to identify them, clear them and discern whether or not replacement energies are required. We will practice discovering hidden programming in our DNA or on multidimensional levels and freeing ourselves and each other from these limitations.

For graduates of Lightworker Training Level 1 only.


In this advanced lightworkshop, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at healing mental and emotional energies. We’ll dive deep into consciousness tools and the power of mindset to discover the importance of healing at the level of the mind and how the mental level effects the emotional and physical bodies. We will look at the energy of psychic attack and psychic self-defense, explore precise ways of scanning for and clearing psychological energies on the chakral level, clear specific layers of the auric field, and practice some advanced shielding techniques.

For graduates of Lightworker Training Level 1 only.