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Moonistry is a lightworker community dedicated to promoting wellness through spiritual education and application of spiritual principles in day-to-day- life.

It is a movement of lightworkers uniting in our hearts and minds to effect radical change in our selves, our relationships, our communities, and our world.

Become a Moonistry member to access our spiritual community and lightworker resources.

Your membership includes:

  • Access to our live weekly service call and recordings
  • Continuing lightworker education and support
  • A new four-week journey into energy/consciousness tools each moon cycle
  • Access to a growing library of meditations, lessons, practices, rituals, tools, and techniques
  • Access to co-creating community forums
  • Opportunities for community facilitation and leadership

<< We will be beta testing this membership program in May and launching public access in June…stay tuned >>




Moonistry is devoted to being truly helpful in alleviating suffering through spiritual education.

We are lightworkers dedicated to sharing inspiration, encouragement, and guidance through classes, workshops, clinics, meetings, community service, and special events.

We are devoted to developing our practice of unity consciousness and infinite love every day in every way.

We are interested in actively practicing radical consciousness for heart healing, resiliency, and liberation of ourselves and everyone in the collective.

We know that all beings are created sovereign and free and dedicate ourselves to bringing the illusions of the man-made world into the light of truth.

We know that what heals one heals all.

We trust in the mystery of the oneness that transcends thought, words, or explanation.

We know it in our hearts. We let it be. And so it is.


Tatiana Sakurai is an ordained minister, master lightworker/Reiki Master, spiritual counselor, energy/consciousness teacher and ceremonial priestess devoted to a full-time practice of spiritual service since her ordination on 11/11/11.

Tatiana’s passion is sharing spiritual education and transformative energy work to empower and bless all beings everywhere.



Tatiana regularly gifts service to the community through various creative, uplifting, and ministerial projects, including:

  • Scholarship/work-study opportunities for students
  • Donation/sliding scale service to low-income people
  • Assistance for elders on fixed incomes
  • Maintenance of affordable rates/payment plans for one-on-one services
  • Subscriptions for half-off service rates
  • Free/by donation assistance for loved ones making death transitions
  • Low-cost/donation-based energy + consciousness classes, lectures and meditations at special events
  • Free videos LIKE THIS ONE for empowerment through energy + consciousness techniques
  • Inspirational/educational posts on social media (Check out the psychic weather reports on Instagram here.)



Tatiana is also available for co-creating and facilitating professional priestess services such as:

  • Community ceremonies/rituals/celebrations
  • Transformative group experiences/retreats
  • Personal ceremonies and rites of passage
  • Powerful land-clearing ceremonies/space clearings/home or office blessings
  • Spiritual/energetic assistance and insight for planning a ceremonial event or retreat
  • Beautiful and meaningful rituals and ceremonies for personal, family, or community event.

Start with a free consultation HERE.

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