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Moonistry is a lightworker service dedicated to promoting wellness through spiritual education and application of spiritual principles in day-to-day life.

It is a movement of lightworkers uniting in our hearts and minds to effect radical change in ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and our world.

Every week members meet to reflect, remember, and recharge. Whenever we gather we amplify our intentions and move huge amounts of energy. We take time to share and receive the benefit of our true nature, which is the power that creates and sustains the universe.


Moonistry membership includes:

  • Access to the live weekly circle
  • Energy clearings, meditations, and spiritual coaching every week
  • Access to call recordings to replay anytime
  • A new four-week journey into energy/consciousness practices each moon cycle
  • Access to our members-only website:
  • Access to private community forums and members-only content
  • Members-only offerings/deals on other services
  • A say in which topics we explore together
  • Opportunities for community facilitation and leadership



Every new moon is an opportunity to start again. Every new moon is a new cycle with a new topic and a chance for new members to join. You can pre-register at any time of the month so you’ll be ready to go when the new moon comes. After the new moon, the circle will be cast and no new members will come in until the next new moon.

Before the start of the new moon cycle, you will receive all the information you need for your membership including how to access our weekly conference and our member site, information on that month’s theme, any upcoming member appreciation deals, plus any other news of the month.

Step into circle for a sliding scale membership fee of $33 – 55 per moon. Cancel any time.

Start with a free phone consultation with Tatiana to sign up.

Schedule an Online Appointment

For special requests, more information, or assistance, contact Tatiana HERE.


>> Scholarship available for BIPOC and under-served community members<<



Moonistry is devoted to being truly helpful in alleviating suffering through spiritual education.

We are lightworkers dedicated to sharing inspiration, encouragement, and guidance. We support each other and our community through spiritual service.

We are devoted to developing our practice of unity consciousness to experience more unconditional love every day.

We are interested in actively practicing radical love for heart healing, resiliency, and liberation of ourselves and everyone in the collective.

We know that all beings are created sovereign and free and dedicate ourselves to bringing the illusions of the man-made world into the light of truth.

We know that when we come together, our intentions are amplified.

We know that what heals one heals all.

We trust in the mystery of the oneness that transcends thought, words, or explanation.

We trust that the infinite power of love is our true nature and that it will prevail.

We know it in our hearts. We let it be. And so it is.



Tatiana Sakurai is an ordained minister and counselor who is devoted to a full-time practice of spiritual service. Her passion is sharing lightworker education and transformative energy + consciousness tools to empower and bless all beings everywhere.

Tatiana is dedicated to accessible spiritual counsel and energetic assistance. All her regular rates are about half the price of average professional fees for similar services. This is intentional. She also regularly gifts service to the community through various creative, uplifting, and ministerial projects including:

  • Scholarship/work-study opportunities for students
  • Donation-based/sliding scale service to low-income people
  • Assistance for elders on fixed incomes
  • Maintenance of affordable rates/payment plans for one-on-one services and classes
  • Subscriptions for third-off service rates
  • Free/donation-based assistance for loved ones making death transitions
  • Prayers and candle lighting for anyone requesting them at any time
  • Low-cost/donation-based energy + consciousness classes, lectures and meditations at special events
  • Free videos and audios for empowerment through energy + consciousness techniques
  • Inspirational/educational posts on social media


“Tatiana is a powerful healer, inspiring leader, and incredibly supportive teacher. She is also a friend to all humans, everywhere. I’ve learned so much from Tatiana through her in person Lightworker Training and amazing book which I’m currently in the thralls of. I always have new revelations in our 1:1 sessions, and each week’s Moonistry session refills my cup every time. Tatiana is a gem not only to the Portland community, but also to all others who encounter her on the path.”

  ~Eliana Miranda, Yoga Teacher