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Meditation recordings from Keepers Of The Light spiritual support group call:



Video about the energy field expansion of 2017 and beyond:


There are more videos on Tatiana’s YouTube channel HERE.

Latest Psychic Weather Reports are HERE on Tatiana’s IG.



How to keep your energy clear and not be a psychic sponge: ENERGY HYGIENE ONLINE CLASS

A Course In Miracles teachings via JENNIFER HADLEY







  • For energy healing, intuitive session work, clearing trapped emotion: Amy Kimmick at TEMPLE MEDICINE HEALING. Amy is also a graduate of Tatiana’s Lightworker Training course and works with Tatiana regularly. Amy is co-facilitator and host of Tatiana’s monthly community circle at Temple. Tatiana highly recommends her work.
  • For biodynamic craniosacral therapy, energy work, and intuitive body work: Trish Sternthal at CLASSIC BODY RESTORATION. Trish is also a graduate of Tatiana’s Lightworker Training course, and introduced Tatiana to the BCT teacher they share, Neil Pinholster. Trish is a well-rounded practitioner that Tatiana trusts with her own personal session work and highly recommends.
  • For reiki, body work, deep tissue that doesn’t feel invasive, aromatherapy: Niema Lightseed at RADICAL WELL BEING BODYWORK. Niema and Tatiana received their reiki master training together and Tatiana trusts Niema for her personal session work.
  • For gentle to deep relaxing and intuitive body work with magical vibes: Becca Ellis at FLOWER OF LIFE MASSAGE. Tatiana has been working with Becca for 15 years and trusts her completely.
  • For intuitive session work, energy healing, ritual/magical teachings, and Reiki: Kriyanna Elumen, founder of TOREN COLLECTIVE. Kriyanna is a mystery school teacher, Reiki master, founder of Tantric Qaballah/Ecstatic Awakening classes, and ceremonial priestess. She is Tatiana’s Reiki teacher and she is also a graduate of Tatiana’s Lightworker Training course. Tatiana’s teachings are part of the Toren Academy and Toren Services.



  • For Pranic Healing sessions and classes: Teresa Evans of PRANA HEALTH SERVICES. Teresa is Tatiana’s Pranic Healing teacher and mentor. She has been practicing Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga for 25 years. Tatiana highly recommends her for classes and session work, especially healing sessions with a focus on emotional/psychological/spiritual aspects. Teresa is a personal student of Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of modern day Pranic Healing. Teresa works in Eugene or remotely and teaches Pranic Healing classes all over the Northwest region.
  • For human design, spiritual coaching, mystery school of the future: Saeri Star Wilde of INNER GLOWING. Tatiana works with Saeri in personal sessions and is a guest teacher at Inner Glowing. Saeri works with clients remotely anywhere in the world. Tatiana recommends her work to anyone who is seeking a deep coaching relationship designed to help them step into their gifts.