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The Book Baby Has Arrived!
11 Jan 2019. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Tatiana Sakurai

I am celebrating the arrival of the physical manifestation of what has been taking up all my free time, money, and energy for the past couple years. It’s my book baby! Yayyy!

I’m so grateful to have had the love and support necessary to birth this creation and I give thanks to everyone in the community, especially my beloved writing coach/editor/mentor/muse the man of seemingly endless talents, Nick Jaina.

I am also incredibly grateful for the expertise and insight provided by editorial powerhouse, Alisha Westerman.

Everyone’s been asking, so here’s where you can get your very own copy:

By the way, if you are an aspiring writer or creative person who is looking to bring forth your vision, I encourage you to get support. (Both Nick and Alisha offer one-on-one and group services.) It’s so helpful to have an accountability partner and someone to help you when you feel stuck or lost–which happens A LOT when you’re working on a big project.

Of course, you know I’m here, too, if you ever need to kick some demonic parasites to the curb, or just want someone to wrap you up in love.

There are some exciting changes ahead this year and I’ve got some inklings of travel and events starting to come through, so stay tuned, because I may be coming to your town! If you’d like to stay in touch, you can subscribe to my somewhat-monthly/seasonal love letters here: Tatiana’s LoveLetters

Thanks for being you! Blessing you up in the energy of a potent eclipse season. May you release what no longer serves your highest vision of creation in perfect gentleness and ease. So be it.