Astro-Lightwork Sessions

How would you like to have the support of both a master astrologer and master lightworker at the same time?

In these game-changing coaching packages with me and DK Brainard, you’ll receive the benefit of having two healers holding space for you to explore our toolkit of evolutionary astrology readings, personal mastery coaching, energy clearings, and spiritual counseling.

DK and I bring a wealth of experience to our sessions, with over 30 years combined professional practice as well as our personal triumphs of having worked through shadow issues of childhood trauma, sexual abuse, codependent relationships, toxic shame, dysfunctional family patterns, substance abuse, and more.

We are living examples of people who have gotten free enough of the past that we are now living the dreams that we had given up hope of ever experiencing. We embody the frequency of knowing that it’s possible and that you can do it too. That’s powerful.

Another reason why the space we hold for these sessions is so powerful is because when we come together, we amplify each other’s gifts and abilities exponentially, and when you join us in sacred space, we do that for you, too.

We reflect your unique gift, your divine creative power back to you, and once you see the light and the power that you truly be, you can’t un-see it. You will be changed. Your life will change.

So, if you don’t want your true self to be seen and loved, if you don’t want to evolve beyond what you thought was possible, this offering definitely isn’t for you.

But if you want to blossom and expand, if you want to shed the old armor, and if you want to KNOW what it is to be the powerful creator you truly be, this is for you.



We recommend taking 3 to 4 weeks to complete one cycle of sessions. We have found this to be the ideal amount of time for balancing momentum and integration.

Session 1: Intro and strategy session with both DK and Tatiana: The three of us will meet up for a 30-minute call so we can tune in to the focus of our work together. We’ll hold space for you to share your goals and challenges with us and we’ll explore some possible strategies.

Session 2: Evolutionary astrology reading with DK: Dive into the cosmic blueprint of your natal chart and learn how you can leverage the energies hard-wired into your field to reclaim your power and purpose in this 60-minute session.

Session 3: Energy clearing and processing with Tatiana: In this 60-minute session, we’ll focus on clearing energies that are coming up for healing and Tatiana will share lightwork tools you can use in your personal practice.

Session 4: Integration with both DK and Tatiana: We’ll all meet up again for a 30-minute drop-in to integrate the previous sessions, celebrate breakthroughs, and see what else is coming up for healing. We’ll look at possibilities for next steps and strategies moving forward.

Our regular hourly rates for these services would equal $500, but when you buy this package deal your investment is only $350. 

We recommend taking a break after completing one cycle and then once that work has integrated, coming back for another round. We’ve found that once some of the initial healing and processing is worked through, we can go to deeper levels of teaching skills for self mastery.


The last 10 days since my session with you have been a trip! DK, you spelled out some deep truths for me that I wasn’t quite able to fully grasp or realize before. Then just a few days after our session I got blindsided by a traumatic conflict with my mom which uncovered and ripped open my deepest childhood wound.

Having this triggering experience and SEEING for the first time the whole truth has changed me profoundly. I can sense that BIG SHIFTS are happening now. Having this new information and new language has given me a completely new awareness.

I also feel so much closer to my inner child as I’ve been taking care of her this past week and can really see that she needs a lot more love and attention than I’ve been giving her.

I want to thank you both for your support and guidance.”

– RB