Meditation on Pink Light

Hi loves!   With all the wild inner child/family/ancestral trauma healing that got triggered with this summer’s eclipse season, we are still processing so much that our fields are feeling a little blown out, especially the emotional body. I use the meditation on pink light a lot in session and circle work and recently was… Continue reading Meditation on Pink Light

It’s Already Here

We’ve officially entered into the second quarter of the calendar year, the beginning of Spring, and what feels like the beginning of a new life. As I’ve been talking about in my somewhat weekly Psychic Weather Reports, we’ve been going through a time of massive shift and upheaval and many of us have been feeling… Continue reading It’s Already Here

Meditation on Golden Light

Wow. The great transformative shift that we are co-creating keeps ramping up. There’s no going back to the old ways of being. Folks on the ascension path are noticing huge opportunities for healing and growth and we are workin it!   With so much ancient trauma clearing out of our many bodies through multiple timelines,… Continue reading Meditation on Golden Light

When Crisis Hits :: How to Release the Energy

When crisis hits our bodies go into survival mode. Here’s a simple and effective way to shift the energy to allow our nervous systems to reset, get more mental clarity, allow our bodies to heal, and feel more grounded.

Intense Is the New Normal: Resilience, Stillness, and Your Heart’s Wisdom

I recently sent out a love letter to the folks on my mailing list in which I addressed the energy of the times we’re living in and how to navigate when it seems like there’s no end to the intense ascension symptoms we are experiencing in our minds, our bodies, our relationships, our ancestral lines,… Continue reading Intense Is the New Normal: Resilience, Stillness, and Your Heart’s Wisdom

Holiday Healing Events: Sacred Circles + Yule Moon

THE DARKEST DAYS OF THE YEAR For many of us, the winter holiday season can be a mixed bag of high emotions, family trauma triggers, excitement, depression, travel, weather stress, loneliness, and financial stress. But precisely because there are many potential upsets at this time of the year, there are also many potential healing opportunities.… Continue reading Holiday Healing Events: Sacred Circles + Yule Moon