Beyond Mind :: Eclipse Season + Mercury Retrograde

If you’ve been feeling the crazy vibes that came up this week, then you just got a preview of what the astrology of eclipse/Mercury retrograde season has in store for us. Yes, it will most likely bring up a lot for healing, but that’s our opportunity to get free of some of this baggage FOREVER and that’s a blessing.

As I mentioned in my last love letter, astrologer babe DK Brainard and I are hosting a series of live calls to help you navigate the energies of this summer’s eclipse season, which is joined by special guest Mercury retrograde. Yep, it’s going to be a wild ride all throughout the month of July, but we got you.

The series starts next Sunday with the energy of the Sagittarius full moon to get us prepared for what’s to come so that we’ll be ready to get the most out of the healing opportunities the cosmic forces are presenting.
I love facilitating group healing, because when we come together in circle, our intentions are amplified and we can move energy much easier. The work gets lighter. We can learn from each other’s insights and experience, uplift and inspire each other, and rest in the company of folks who are truly doing the work and who get it.


Beyond Mind is a special event for a lot of reasons, but mostly because with almost four decades of experience between us, DK and I are totally going to rock it and I really want you to be there with us!


So here’s the deal…

Beyond Mind :: Emotional Freedom Call Series for Eclipse + Mercury Retrograde Season


What it is:

  • Four 75-minute sessions via Zoom – you can join by video or phone.
  • Recordings of calls – you’ll have perpetual access to the replays if you can’t make the live calls.
  • Sessions every other week through eclipse/Mercury retrograde season to help keep you informed, clear, and grounded.


Each call will include:

  • A meditation to get you into your body in a way that feels yummy and supportive.
  • A look at the current and upcoming astrological and psychic weather with a focus on helping you explore opportunities for healing and growth.
  • Clearings of energetic blockages for the group (and for individuals if desired).


Some of the major collective themes we’ll be working with include:

  • Healing deep shame about feeling alien, outcast, and “other” – especially within the family and society.
  • Restoring your connection to your soul so you feel safe regardless of what’s happening around you.
  • Building your spiritual toolkit so you don’t take on the shame and fear projections of your family, spouse, partner, children or others.


The series of four 75 minute sessions with two kick-ass healers (and replays to listen to any time) is priced at $33 per call or $99 if you buy all four, which is like getting a free call.


It’s our way of encouraging you to take the action step that could mean the difference between struggling with the energy of this summer’s eclipse/mercury retro season or using that energy as leverage to get yourself free of some painful past bullshit forever.


Thank you for being you. Here’s to a summer of going BEYOND MIND!