Psychic Weather Report: What Should I Do?

For today’s Psychic Weather Report, I share some lightworker strategies for dealing with the energy of fear, chaos, and confusion. Spoiler alert: When you’re feeling confused and trying to figure something out, it won’t happen because the separate/false self can’t know or create anything and listening to external “authorities” is a good bet if you’d… Continue reading Psychic Weather Report: What Should I Do?

Now Is the Time: Going Beyond What You Thought Was Possible

Dearly Beloved, As you know, the energy of this summer kicked up a lot of old trauma for healing, and many of us were, and still are, processing deep healing for our inner children and ancestors. We had an amazing opportunity to root out the toxic patterns that have destroyed our feeling of being worthy,… Continue reading Now Is the Time: Going Beyond What You Thought Was Possible

Meditation on Pink Light

Hi loves!   With all the wild inner child/family/ancestral trauma healing that got triggered with this summer’s eclipse season, we are still processing so much that our fields are feeling a little blown out, especially the emotional body. I use the meditation on pink light a lot in session and circle work and recently was… Continue reading Meditation on Pink Light

It’s Already Here

We’ve officially entered into the second quarter of the calendar year, the beginning of Spring, and what feels like the beginning of a new life. As I’ve been talking about in my somewhat weekly Psychic Weather Reports, we’ve been going through a time of massive shift and upheaval and many of us have been feeling… Continue reading It’s Already Here