New Online Class: Energy Hygiene + Empath Empowerment!

Eeeeee! I’m SO EXCITED to be launching this new ONLINE lightworkshop today! Spirit has been calling me to offer this popular class in a more accessible way and it’s finally coming to BE! Check it out by clicking the MORE INFO button below!

Eclipse Season Is Here: Up Your Self-Care Game

ECLIPSE SEASON IS HERE And it’s game on for increased sensitivity and therefore self-care. It is very common to be experiencing an escalation of ascension symptoms as our bodies are clearing more of the old structures and patterns. Some of the typical ones include: body soreness headaches sleep pattern disruption skin rashes allergies or flu-like… Continue reading Eclipse Season Is Here: Up Your Self-Care Game

Imbolc Blessings

Even in the Winter storm our roots hold strong to our mother the winds of change will sway us but not break us the gathering light of our consciousness is awakening a blossom of hope our rising is as inevitable as Spring -Tatiana

Upcoming Class: Energy Hygiene + Empath Empowerment

Finally coming out of my fall/winter hermit cave and beginning to schedule some events! JUST IN TIME FOR ECLIPSE SEASON. Get yourself some clarity with: ENERGY HYGIENE + EMPATH EMPOWERMENT Are you a psychic sponge?  Do you soak up other people’s emotional energies or feel drained around other people? Join me on Thursday, February 9th… Continue reading Upcoming Class: Energy Hygiene + Empath Empowerment

Lessons from the Winter

Give thanks for your shelter, food, and water. Develop the patience of a seed under the snowy earth. Know that the power and pattern of growth is within you and inevitable. Trust in the coming of the joyful blossoming, the abundant fruiting. Enjoy the quiet stillness. Listen to the whispers of Spirit. Give thanks for… Continue reading Lessons from the Winter

Lammastide: What Are You Harvesting?

  Ahhhhhh….deep processing and integration happening today! So thankful and grateful to the 150 beautiful, radiant sisters of Wild Woman Camp-Out for showing up so powerfully! What a convergence and vortex of healing! And what a tremendous opportunity to step up as a pillar priestess of magical ceremony, community building, and event production. It continues… Continue reading Lammastide: What Are You Harvesting?