Holding Space

What does that mean, holding space?  And how do we do that, hold space for people to make a shift, be more conscious, release suffering?  Some of the concepts around detached compassion for others came up in student practicum today, so I felt inspired to share this piece I wrote up for a client of… Continue reading Holding Space

Sou’wester Wellness Weekend

Happy New Year, Everybody!  Look what we’ve cooked up for your wellness pleasure:  a low-key and fun weekend retreat on the Washington coast at the sweetest place EVER! Join yours truly, Tatiana, and my comrade in wellness, Erin Leckenby of Healing Magic of the Future, for a bohemian dream come true at the Sou’Wester Lodge… Continue reading Sou’wester Wellness Weekend

Solstice at the Sou’Wester

Adorable Vintage Travel Trailers at the Sou’Wester HAPPY SOLSTICE, EVERYBODY!  It’s time for another Wellness Weekend at the coast!  I’ll be out at the historic Sou’Wester for adventures in yoga and energy medicine all weekend long…check it out: SYNERGISTIC ENERGY MEDICINE SESSIONS & YOGA FLOW WITH TATIANA SOU’WESTER WEEKEND SCHEDULE FOR JUNE 22ND & 23RD:… Continue reading Solstice at the Sou’Wester

Self-Care Tool: Ask Your Body

Here’s an interesting concept:  Asking your body about anything that concerns it! How many times have you had a real dialogue with your body?  Is is usually more of a monologue, a litany of complaints, or demands in which you’re pushing your body to perform?  Do you ever look at your body and think hateful… Continue reading Self-Care Tool: Ask Your Body

Sou’Wester Wellness Weekend

Adorable Vintage Travel Trailers at the Sou’Wester Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday, March 24th I’ll be up in southwest Washington on the Long Beach peninsula for a Wellness Weekend at the historic Sou’Wester Lodge.  I’m offering two Yoga Flow classes, a talk on Energetic Spring Clearings, and one-on-one sessions of Energetic Clearings.  Start the spring… Continue reading Sou’Wester Wellness Weekend

Self-Care Tool: Salt Baths

Salt Baths for Sanity!   You know the feeling.  You were a little gung-ho in yoga class and now your muscles are aching.  You gave of yourself all day long and now you’re tapped.  You had lunch with a friend who dumped a bunch of their emotions and now you feel like you may have… Continue reading Self-Care Tool: Salt Baths