Sou’Wester Wellness Weekend

Adorable Vintage Travel Trailers at the Sou’Wester Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday, March 24th I’ll be up in southwest Washington on the Long Beach peninsula for a Wellness Weekend at the historic Sou’Wester Lodge.  I’m offering two Yoga Flow classes, a talk on Energetic Spring Clearings, and one-on-one sessions of Energetic Clearings.  Start the spring… Continue reading Sou’Wester Wellness Weekend

Self-Care Tool: Salt Baths

Salt Baths for Sanity!   {“type”:”inserter”,”blocks”:[{“clientId”:”e56775bf-eafa-49ef-ad31-24ca0828e792″,”name”:”core/image”,”isValid”:true,”attributes”:{“alt”:””},”innerBlocks”:[]}]}You know the feeling.  You were a little gung-ho in yoga class and now your muscles are aching.  You gave of yourself all day long and now you’re tapped.  You had lunch with a friend who dumped a bunch of their emotions and now you feel like you may have… Continue reading Self-Care Tool: Salt Baths