Lightwork Sessions

What if you could get to the root cause of what’s troubling you instead of clearing at the surface level of symptoms?

One of the gifts of my art is to hold a space where we can access deep levels of healing with as much grace and ease as possible. By working with me, you can remember how to access this for yourself, because I am also a teacher.

My joy is to help folks get free from their social conditioning and reclaim the lost parts of their power so that they can go on to apply these healing practices for themselves and hopefully teach them to others too, because the world needs us!

Session work with me is grounded in the knowledge and wisdom of having done the work myself. I know how to access our natural intelligence through information held in the body, and how to flow through multiple modalities of energy work and spiritual counseling to address the specific things that are coming up for healing in the moment, whether they stem from childhood, ancestral experience, or other lifetimes.

I felt lighter and more energetic after the healing than I have in years!  Thank you so much Tatiana!  You are such a bad-ass goddess…It is such a blessing to everything and everyone that you are so dedicated to pulling in light and sharing it.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you.”


  • You are open-minded and want to know the truth
  • You are truly willing to receive healing in all areas of your life
  • You are extra sensitive to environments, energies, or other people’s emotions
  • You are interested in learning how to heal yourself
  • You want to gently release trauma or trapped emotions in your body
  • You want to stop repeating harmful patterns
  • You are willing to take total responsibility for your healing
  • You would like to access your innate creativity, intuition, and healing abilities
  • You have a desire to bring your gifts to the world
  • You want to create beyond what you think is possible


Each intuitively crafted session is customized in the moment, responding to whatever comes up in your energy field and what you’d like to receive at that time. Some of the tools I may use in session include:

  • Holding a loving/non-judgmental space
  • Deep listening/curiosity/asking questions
  • Clearing energetic blocks and stagnant energy
  • Revitalizing depleted areas in the biofield
  • Clearing old programs/limiting belief systems
  • Clearing parasitic attachments and other entities
  • Guided meditation/visualization/relaxation techniques
  • Chakral and auric field clearing/balancing/shielding/grounding
  • Guided somatic experiencing
  • Master level Reiki
  • Biodynamic craniosacral therapy
  • Gentle trauma release
  • Help navigating emotional flashbacks
  • Intuitive healing/channeling
  • Inner world journeys/inner child work
  • Spiritual counseling, coaching, teaching
  • Counseling for habit changes/releasing addictions
  • Etheric cord-cutting, curse removal, contract revocations
  • Personalized guidance for self care practices
  • Consent-based and trauma-informed practices
  • Non-discriminatory healing space
  • Truth-telling with compassion


Children, nature spirits, and animals are especially sensitive to energy and typically very open to receiving energetic assistance. If you have a little one, a beloved animal companion, or some land that could use some clearing and support, please get in touch to see how this work can help.

Lagertha knows where her home is now. Thank you for helping her let go of her previous family. She was having a difficult time adjusting, she was pining for the family that abandoned her. Now, she is happy, relaxed and accepts that we are her pack!”

– RC

I have been working with Tatiana for over a year, initially through one-on-one sessions and then I took the group Lightworker courses, and I have also received private healing sessions from her.   From my own experience in recently discovering my spirituality, I know that approaching courses or the idea of energy healing can be intimidating. Tatiana is incredibly kind, honest, open and compassionate. She always makes me feel comfortable and safe.”

– JL

Tatiana is extremely insightful and has helped me to learn more about myself.  She has assisted me in getting in touch with my emotions and I’ve gone to her at times when I’ve felt stuck and depressed.  After a session with her, I always feel cleaner and lighter.  Her sessions have helped me to get clear with myself and figure out what no longer serves me. Tatiana is a very generous person, and I’m so thankful to have her as a resource in my life!”

– NM

Thank you Tatiana for sharing your wisdom, your healing gaze, great laughs and energy medicine with me.”