Holiday Healing Events: Sacred Circles + Yule Moon


For many of us, the winter holiday season can be a mixed bag of high emotions, family trauma triggers, excitement, depression, travel, weather stress, loneliness, and financial stress. But precisely because there are many potential upsets at this time of the year, there are also many potential healing opportunities.

Yuletide is not my favorite time of the year, but Yule is definitely my favorite holiday. The promise of the light’s return on the darkest day of the year feels like the story of my life. Every time I’ve been on the verge of succumbing to the sweet stillness of the eternal void, there has been something that has called me back. Every time I thought I was finally giving up, I would find myself uplifted. Somehow the light would return.

These days the darkness doesn’t hold much sway in my life. It doesn’t threaten to consume me. It knows that I know that it can’t really. I appreciate it now. I love the contrast it provides for the light of a candle flame or a heart’s glimmer amidst despair. I love that when all distractions are annihilated by it the only shiny objects that remain are organic and true.

Maybe that’s why I love Yule. It reminds me of me and the story of how I came back from the dead of winter time and again.



The time leading up to Winter Solstice is the perfect time to be pruning away all that is no longer necessary in the landscape of our lives and this year we have some additional astrological aspects that will support us further in doing just that.

New Moon in Sagittarius December 18th: activates energy of new beginnings in the realms of spiritual studies and practices.

Saturn enters its home sign Capricorn December 20th: beginning a powerful 2 1/2 year transit that will seriously help structure the new world we are creating.

Winter Solstice/Sun enters Capricorn December 21st: the light of the Sun illuminates and activates Saturn’s energy in Capricorn.

Full Moon in Cancer January 1st: starts the calendar year by illuminating what intentions from the new moon feel like they are truly supporting us in creating a strong foundation for the year.



During this Yuletide season of powerful change, I’m grateful to support your vision and practice with the following offerings:

EVERY SUNDAY MORNING: Keepers of the Light spiritual support group conference call. Free. Info HERE.

SPIRIT SUNDAYS: December 10th from 4:30 to 6pm at Temple Medicine Healing, 1716 NE 42nd Ave. Group meditation and energy clearing with Yours Truly and Amelia Cohn. Sliding scale $10 – 20. Info HERE.

HOLIDAY HEALING CIRCLES: Sunday December 24th and Sunday December 31st at Temple Medicine Healing, 1716 NE 42nd Ave. I’ll be holding space for whoever wants to come receive some healing vibes by donation on Christmas eve and New Year’s Eve from 4:30 to 6pm. Come get some relief from holiday stress with guided meditation, energy clearing, and community. By donation. All welcome.


May we all be guided and blessed each day of the year by the light of our One Heart.


Infinite Love,