Happy Hour Healing: Special Edition


If you’re anything like us, you’ve been feeling the energies really ramp up in the last couple weeks and this week marks the pinnacle of the Grand Cardinal Cross vibes that have been pushing our limits.

That’s why we are bringing in two more priestesses to hold down the four directions and assist you with any relaxation, release, guidance, clearing, or energizing you may require. We are all being asked to step up and play a bigger game. The revolutionary seed that was planted in the 60’s with the Pluto-Uranus conjunction is pushing to burst through the soil as we are now in the cycle where the first square is being formed. Expect to be a revolutionary!

And we know from personal experience, being a revolutionary can sometimes require assistance, retreat & renewal, so that we can replenish the well of energy that feeds our work. That energy is love. And we are here to remind you it is infinite.

So, come on down for some reminders, some relaxation, and some sweet community in honor of this momentous Grand Cardinal Cross. We will be feeling these energies in our collective through at least next year, but the consequences of our thoughts and feelings, and the energy, space, and consciousness we be at this time will be felt for many years to come. Let’s make it awesome!


– REPRESENTING AIR: Erin Leckenby of Healing Magic of the Future, offering tarot tools life coaching to empower your knowingness.

– REPRESENTING FIRE: Tatiana Sakurai, Resident Priestess of Canopy, offering energy work to transmute that which no longer serves you.

– REPRESENTING WATER: Becca Ellis of Flower of Life Massage, offering magical massage to bring you back to a place of flow.

– REPRESENTING EARTH: Amy Terepka of Groundwater Traditional Healing Arts, offering plant medicine in the wellness bar to nourish your body temple.