Holding Space: A Lightworker’s Affirmation

What does that mean, holding space?  And how do we do that as lightworkers, hold space for people to make a shift, be more conscious, release suffering?

Some of the concepts around detached compassion for others came up in student practicum today, so I felt inspired to share this piece I wrote up for a client of mine.  I think this is a reminder we can all use.  May it be of service to you!


I hold a loving space for every being’s empowerment and evolution and release the need to heal them or sacrifice myself for them.

I am the energy, space, and consciousness that perceives and acknowledges the light and shadow in all beings and knows it is all in divine perfect order. 

I know it is by each being’s free will as a powerful creator that they are choosing life lessons that best serve them, and as I live this truth, I encourage others to step into their truths and become the fully self-realized creators that they truly BE! 

It is by loving myself, caring for myself and honoring myself in this way, that I love, care for, and honor All That Is.