Intense Is the New Normal: Resilience, Stillness, and Your Heart’s Wisdom

I recently sent out a love letter to the folks on my mailing list in which I addressed the energy of the times we’re living in and how to navigate when it seems like there’s no end to the intense ascension symptoms we are experiencing in our minds, our bodies, our relationships, our ancestral lines, and our collective.

Many people found it helpful, so I am re-posting it here:


Beloved Being,

We’re about half-way through a twelve year cycle that started in 2012 with an expansion of the human energy field that didn’t begin to affect most folks until 2016. If it seems like there’s no end to the intensity, hang in there and know that this evolutionary wave will start to ebb in 2024 or so.

I say this so that you can stop spending energy wishing it were over already and start investing it wisely in long haul resiliency strategies.

During this evolutionary wave, we are being pushed to release all the dysfunctional patterns of our social conditioning and step more fully into ourselves as liberated sovereigns.

When the old systems are breaking down and the new world isn’t here yet, where do we take refuge? Where do we find the knowledge and peace that will carry us through?

You know I’m going to tell you it’s all there within you, right?

When the shit is hitting the fan, when we feel lost or overwhelmed, when we don’t know what to do, the fastest way to come to clarity is to stop, get still, and listen.

Reacting out of fear or confusion only brings more pain. Trying to go it alone, figure it out, or seek answers outside are all traps.

By stopping, getting still, and listening, we send a powerful message. We are affirming all is well, we are safe, and that the answer is here now if we listen for it.

In the stillness, the dust settles and we see clearly. With a few deep breaths, we create more space to receive. With an openness to listen, we discover the wisdom within our bodies, our heart, and the collective consciousness we share with all beings in the universe.

In my psychic weather reports lately I’ve been speaking to themes of communication, how effective communication involves listening, and how communication can be non-verbal.

Over the next few weeks, I invite all of us to listen, to feel into what our hearts are communicating to us, whether those hearts are inside our own bodies or someone else’s.

When we are able to listen with and to our hearts, we open a gateway into greater possibilities for creating the world of our dreams here on this beautiful earth.


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