It’s Already Here

We’ve officially entered into the second quarter of the calendar year, the beginning of Spring, and what feels like the beginning of a new life. As I’ve been talking about in my somewhat weekly Psychic Weather Reports, we’ve been going through a time of massive shift and upheaval and many of us have been feeling the angst of being in the void space where the old way has died, but the new isn’t here yet.

Thankfully, the first signs of new life are breaking through the soil, physically and metaphorically, and yet, much of what we are seeing at this time might still appear to be a barren landscape, littered with the fallout of the past. We might feel lost or scared, because we can’t see what’s happening in the invisible realms and we feel unsure if we can trust that all will be well.

This is our opportunity. Are we going to look at those little sprouts and judge them as not being enough? Are we going to look at the soil teaming with life under the surface and judge it as incapable of sustaining us? Are we going to shut down and walk away before the blossoming occurs?

If you’re like me or most folks I’ve talked to over the last couple months, you’re probably vacillating between excitement/trust/flow and anxiety/doubt/dread. This is totally normal. After all, we’ve never done this before!

How do we stay in our open, trusting hearts when the psychic storms roll through?

One thing that helps me is knowing that even though this is a new creation, there are patterns and precedents in nature. Somewhere in the universe there is an intelligence that carries a frequency of exactly what would be helpful in this moment. Somewhere there is a teacher, an ally, a guide. Somewhere there is an energy of hope, clarity, peace. Somewhere a way to stay centered and grounded. Somewhere the knowledge of how to trust in the infinite, abundant flow of creation.

And it’s already here. Right here. Right now.

It’s not something you create or achieve. It’s something you choose. This is part of a teaching that came through for a Moonistry call a couple weeks ago. Our topic of the moon cycle was Infinite Flow, and the message was basically this:

1. Infinite flow is already here.
2. It’s not achieved, it’s allowed.
3. You can jump timelines instantly.
4. Spirit’s got you, so don’t worry about how.

What was also mentioned was that the only thing that blocks our quantum leap into the time/space of infinite flow/abundance/peace is our attachment to the past/future or limiting identities.

So, I invite you to feel into where you might be holding an attachment (an old grievance/story/judgment) about the past or are identifying as an aspect of your experience that ties you to the past. Would you be willing to release it all? Would you be willing to let go and leap?

Are you willing to not know who you are or where you’re going or how you’ll get there? Are you willing to be in the mystery? Are you willing to ask a question and allow the universe to answer it?

If not, that’s okay. There’s no right or wrong way to do the experiment of your life’s creation. You get to take as much time as you like and take whatever path you like.

As for me, I’ll be here letting go and surrendering at levels that feel frankly terrifying, because I am passionately interested in saving as much time spent in suffering as possible. I would love to have you join me, because I know for a fact we aren’t meant to do this work alone. Truly, we are never alone, but I’m talking about embodied support. At this time of big changes, it’s so important to connect with other folks who get it.

Last August I relaunched my Sunday spiritual support group as Moonistry, a sacred circle of lightworkers, creators, artists, and visionaries that gather weekly to explore that moon’s theme through meditation, energy work, being witnessed in community, and magic, and I gotta say, we are on FIRE. The empowering healing space we are holding in that circle never ceases to amaze me and it just keeps getting better!

So, if you’ve ever thought about hopping into circle with me, this is the time! (It’s a great way for us to stay in touch and support each other while I’m traveling, too.) Moonistry membership starts at just $33 for a moon cycle of four live zoom calls with me that run 75 – 90 minutes each. It’s a crazy good deal and it’s FUN. Plus, if you can’t make a live call, you get replays to watch. I just watched one the other night because I needed some healing and it was awesome. I’m just so grateful to be blessed by the folks in this circle and the stuff that comes through from Spirit that I don’t know what to say, other than THANK YOU.

Whew, it really has been wild lately, so please do whatever it takes to make your self care a priority. Get with nature. Get a massage. Get with folks who love you. Reach out. Be vulnerable. Share your beautiful heart. It’s worth it. Trust me.

Holding you in so much love,