The Lightworker Training Manual

Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness is a distillation of more than a decade of my professional experience in thousands of sessions and a lifetime of personal healing presented in a clear, easy-to-follow format.

Within the text you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge and practical applications designed to develop both a solid foundation of technique and the ability to access and follow intuitive guidance.

Whether you are just starting to awaken to your gifts, or have been on the healing path for some time, Lightworker Training has something to support you in taking your practice to the next level.

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“I recently received a copy of Lightworker Training, by the lovely and ever-inspiring Tatiana Sakurai. I’ve been working with Tatiana for the past few months in private sessions and the work has been transformative.

I started reading the book in bed a few nights ago and was blown. away. Tatiana’s simple explanations of energy, presence, attention, meditation, breath and the sacred broke down into the most elemental pieces all of the spiritual work, magical practices and ritual I’ve been trying on for size all these years. I felt like I could see exactly what I have been trying to do all along (be present and at one with myself/spirit, and to cleanse my energetic body of sticky residual leftovers and attachments) and just how each of the techniques I’ve used was working or what it was trying to do.

It is as if I have been trying to use complicated recipe books all my life and someone came along and said, this is how heat works, this is how water interacts with oil, this is when to put the top on the pot and when to take it off. It doesn’t cancel out those fancy recipes but it gives a baseline understanding of what is going on within them.

I have concurrently been coming to some intense understandings of the effect trauma has on my relationships and Tatiana’s book was instrumental in helping me understand just what is going on in my body when I get triggered, and what to do about it.

I can’t recommend Tatiana, her work or her book highly enough.”

– KM

“I’m treasuring every moment spent with this book! Tatiana has accomplished something so special, delivering transcendent knowledge with the intimacy of a dear friend. The depth of light…oh my.”

 – SH

“Tatiana is an absolute powerhouse babe and a totally brilliant mentor. This book is written so well that you feel like you’re in the room with her. If you are looking for ways to get clear answers for life, to release carrying stuff that’s not yours, to take charge of your life’s alignment, and develop psychic skills, this is your book!”


“Super excited about this new release, Lightworker Training, where the most powerful and effective healer and energy worker I’ve ever had the good fortune to work with breaks down her life-changing techniques for transforming consciousness.”