Lightworker Training

We all have energy bodies, but very few of us have been taught how to care for them or the amazing things we can do with them. The Lightworker Training program I’ve developed over the years gives you both a rock solid foundation of structure and space to develop your unique skills.

This was an awesome course! Learning the tools you use has absolutely changed my life for the positive! I am looking forward to the next classes in the training”

– AC

I’d love to show you how easy it is to tap into your intuition and move tons of energy to keep yourself clear and grounded.

I specialize teaching an integration of multiple techniques and modalities with a non-dogmatic approach. Because I’ve practiced many ways of working with energy, I’m able to help you find what works for you.


Lightworker Training is immensely helpful for anyone with an energy body, but is truly a game-changer for healers and empaths of all kinds including therapists, teachers, parents, counselors, coaches, and those who feel called to be of service in the world.

Lightworker Training can give you the essential tools required to avoid on-the-job stress and burn-out so you can do what you love with more lightness and ease.

I am so grateful to have met Tatiana as one of my teachers. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is just curious, anyone feeling unwell, ungrounded, or off-center, and especially anyone who works with or around others.”

– JL

Tatiana Sakurai is my spiritual teacher and mentor. If you are a sensitive empath, you must take one or all of her lightworker courses. It will change your life!”

– LB


Lightworker Training courses start with Level 1: Foundations, a 10-week course of core teachings and practices designed to give you a power-packed toolkit for session work.

The manual for level 1 is Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness. Each week there is an assigned reading and study suggestion, then during the live class, we practice, discuss, and have Q&A.

You will receive a well-rounded set of key mental and energy work techniques which are taught and practiced week by week, so that by the end of the course you will have all the tools required for a complete lightwork session for yourself, clients, or loved ones.

After completing level 1, students qualify for advanced training modules including topics on entity eviction, color therapy, spiritual counseling, crystal healing, beyond beliefs, and energetic psychotherapy. More info on the Lightworker Training site.

The amazingly gifted and SKILLED Tatiana Sakurai is offering her Lightworker Training course and I assure you it is amazing. If you have been on the fence, wondering if you want to delve into energy work/healing and want an introduction into an array of well-melded modalities, Tatiana’s course is for you.”

– DB

Tatiana possesses the qualities that make it possible to undertake a leap of faith, such as energy work training. She is both grounded and psychic.”


Now you can also take classes on your own time with the new self-study program on the Lightworker Training site! There are free and super inexpensive on-demand video classes available and new classes are being added, so be sure to hop in as a student member of the site to get updates.