Priestess Services

As an ordained minister who is devoted to a full-time practice of spiritual service, I am dedicated to accessible spiritual tools and lightworker education. I have a variety of community offerings through Cosmic Fire at

In addition to weekly circles at Cosmic Fire spiritual community, I am honored to hold space for co-creating and facilitating other ministerial services such as:

  • Spiritual counsel for life transitions
  • Community ceremonies/rituals/celebrations
  • Transformative group experiences/retreats
  • Personal ceremonies, rituals, and rites of passage
  • Powerful land-clearing ceremonies/space clearings/home or office blessings
  • Spiritual/energetic assistance and insight for planning a ceremonial event or retreat
  • Spiritual end-of-life healing and crossing over assistance
  • Spiritual counseling

Many ministerial services (end of life counsel, crossing over assistance, candle-lighting, prayer, community service, etc) are offered freely or by donation. Some (such as weddings or retreats) are offered for a fee. Start with a free consultation HERE.