Praise for Tatiana’s Work

Tatiana Sakurai is a gifted lightworker who is not afraid of embracing the shadow realm as well. Her generous spirit inspires her to be in service to others regardless of circumstance. Whether you are meeting with her for a private healing session or taking a class, she offers a wealth of understanding, compassion, and wisdom. She has the ability to access ancient tools and applies them effortlessly to present needs. Tatiana is a rare gem among modern lightworkers.”

– KE

Tatiana Sakurai is one of the most important, empowering teachers I have ever had! In a world running amok with inflated spiritual egos, I am so grateful to have found her real, humble, authentic and universal perspective. I highly recommend the energy work that she offers and any class she teaches.”

– EA

Tatiana is a powerful healer, inspiring leader, and incredibly supportive teacher. She is also a friend to all humans, everywhere. I’ve learned so much from Tatiana through her in person Lightworker Training and amazing book which I’m currently in the thralls of. I always have new revelations in our 1:1 sessions, and each week’s Moonistry session refills my cup every time. Tatiana is a gem not only to the Portland community, but also to all others who encounter her on the path.”

– EM

Tatiana Sakurai is an advanced, intuitive & deeply effective energy worker, with a large arsenal of tools in her repertoire.  

After a session with Tatiana I literally see colors brighter, I see everything around me with more clarity, my body feels rebalanced, I feel a weight lifted; my psyche feels viscerally detangled. It’s like going through a carwash of the soul. She removes unwanted energies and rebalances existing systems. I always walk away feeling lighter and returned to my true state; like an instrument that has been perfectly tuned. 

Ms. Sakurai has also delivered some incredibly resonant & serendipitous messages to me in our notes following the session. She is the real deal! I highly recommend her services. We wash our physical bodies routinely, but are often less equipped to cleanse our energy bodies…This is Tatiana’s forté. Treat yourself and see how essential such maintenance truly is.”

– TW

Tatiana is extremely insightful and has helped me to learn more about myself.  She has assisted me in getting in touch with my emotions and I’ve gone to her at times when I’ve felt stuck and depressed.  After a session with her, I always feel cleaner and lighter.  Her sessions have helped me to get clear with myself and figure out what no longer serves me. Tatiana is a very generous person, and I’m so thankful to have her as a resource in my life!”

– NM

I completed the Stage 1 Lightworker training with Tatiana via online video call sessions, and absolutely loved it. While it would have been great to attend an in-person class, I didn’t feel I missed out at all. Tatiana was generous, patient, and is an excellent teacher and mentor. I always looked forward to the sessions and felt we were sharing a very special, healing and learning space via the web. If you are interested in this incredible work and don’t live near Tatiana, I highly recommend online learning. There were a few hiccups due to timezones and things, but Tatiana always responded with flexibility, solutions with a big smile, and always lots of heart. Don’t let distance stop you from starting this amazing journey with Tatiana.”

– JV

Tatiana’s power knows no limitations. She has done work on me when I’ve been thousands of miles away and I’ve felt the healing in my heart instantaneously. She has done work on me when I’ve been in the room with her and I’ve been moved to tears and overcome with a loving peace. She combines knowledge from many disciplines in a relatable way that has had direct positive influence on my life. In the same way that applying ice and heat to a sprained ankle can get the blood flowing and encourage healing, a session with her opens up the emotional channels and gets energy moving so you can process and soldier through difficulties. I consider her an invaluable resource in the quest to become a fully-evolved human being.”

– NJ

If you know anyone who is having behaviour problems with a rescue animal, please try energy work before you give up. Seriously, we were at the point of having to return Lagertha to the rescue.
She was snarling, biting and attacking guests and family members! Not like a Great Pyrenees at all! One remote session with Tatiana Sakurai is all it took! We have not had any problems at all since.
She knows we are her family now. She is becoming more obedient. Yesterday, Lagertha telepathically showed her water bowl, when I was wondering what she wanted! I can not praise Tatiana enough! The snarling Bear is now a white kitten in the mornings. Goddess Bless!”

– RC

Tatiana Sakurai is my spiritual teacher and mentor. If you live in Portland and are a sensitive empath, you must take one or all of her light worker courses. It will change your life!”

– LB

 I took Tatiana’s Energetic Hygiene class at Portland School of Astrology and I found it to be an entertaining, empowering, affordable and deeply healing experience. Tatiana is grounded, is a great listener, she is insightful, kind, and extremely hilarious. I left with a renewed sense of camaraderie and a whole mess of tools, tips and insights for increasing my well-being. I highly recommend! I’m a fan.”


I have been working with Tatiana for over a year, initially through one-on-one sessions and then I took the group lightworker courses, and I have also received private healing sessions from her.

From my own experience in recently discovering my spirituality, I know that approaching courses or the idea of energy healing can be intimidating. Tatiana is incredibly kind, honest, open and compassionate. She always makes me feel comfortable and safe.

I hope that someday in our culture it is acceptable and even normal to acknowledge how the energy of the world around us really affects us emotionally and physically, and how having the tools and awareness to clear it can lead to a happier, healthier existence. The effects these energy healing modalities has been profound in my life, and integrating it with my own evolving work allows me to help others.

I am so grateful to have met Tatiana as one of my teachers. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is just curious, anyone feeling unwell, ungrounded or off-center, and especially anyone who works with or around others.”

– JL

This (Lightworker Training) was an awesome course I learned soooo much and just spending the six weeks learning the tools you use has absolutely changed my life for the positive! I am looking forward to the next classes in the training.”

– AC

The amazingly gifted and SKILLED Tatiana Sakurai is offering her Lightworker Training course and I assure you it is amazing. If you have been on the fence, wondering if you want to delve into energy work/ healing and want an introduction into an array of well-melded modalities, Tatiana’s course is for you.”

– DB

I have been a client of Tatiana’s for more than a year. Tatiana lives on the west coast. I live on the east coast. I don’t understand how this works…but it does work, and beautifully. She is so clearly gifted in this work. She brings extraordinary sensitivity, humor and compassion to this process. In a very short time, we have become very close. Trust has built out of the immense vulnerability I come with – I really do need help – and her equally great vulnerability in opening to the gifts she possesses, often feeling deeply as she sets free whatever unresolved pain I am more a carrier of than a participant in. It takes guts, I think, to go to such dark places. It takes skill, humility and love, for her to take on such demons.

This stuff works differently for everyone, I would imagine. I promised Tatiana I would write something for her, about her, because I wanted to give her a gift for all that she gives me. And because it can be so difficult to articulate what this work is about; what it does, how it feels and what it means. This stuff is real. It’s real. I just can’t see it. But Tatiana can. Thank god.”

– JK

Tatiana’s gift of listening with her heart, being present and grounded, builds a natural sense of trust.”

– DD

I trained in Tatiana’s Lightworker classes, which is her unique modality of energy work. Tatiana possesses the qualities that make it possible to undertake a leap of faith, such as energy work training. She is both grounded and psychic, honest and compassionate, light and heavy.
On the mundane plane, she is flexible about working via Skype and makes it possible to learn in a way that works for you. Leap!”

– ML

Thank you for the amazing energy healing!  You unplugged something major with the financial bliss, it feels like a faucet has been opened the past two days since I saw you. NAMASTE!”

– BK

I want to say thank you for what you’ve taught me, about so many things, but especially how to cut cords and protect. I just helped a friend for the first time and it was amazing for us both! I owe that to you!”

– MH

I was blessed today! I was able to receive a healing session from my beloved friend Tatiana Sakurai! I feel great, tired and a little dizzy still and I know that so much was shifted and that things will start to get better for me. I feel very grateful and if you haven’t yet worked with her I HIGHLY recommend it! She’s sooooo good at it!! Wowzers!

– CD

The tools you have shared are simply powerful & I feel more of the Light than ever before!”

– JR

Tatiana is the real thing.”

– EL

Tatiana Sakurai is ever-evolving beyond definition or modality!  Disciplined, creative, and always learning, I feel secure knowing I have this woman in my corner as a colleague and healer!  She also has a great sense of humor and is no BS, which are among the marks of a great healer.  Thank you Tatiana for sharing your wisdom, your healing gaze, great laughs and energy medicine with me. If you hear the call to work with Tatiana Sakurai: listen and act!”