Self Care Tips for Lightworkers

This has been coming through so strongly for me that I have been telling all my clients and friends and now I’m posting here.  It may seem painfully obvious, but the most basic things are CRUCIAL now as we are downloading more energy than ever before.  Not caring for ourselves in the most meticulous way possible can lead to major flu symptoms or extreme mental stress as a result of all the spiritual clearing we are ALL doing–whether you think you are or not!

So, here is my loving reminder to you, dear ones:

-DRINK WATER…like, a LOT of water.  The very minimum amount is the number of your weight in pounds, divided by two, equals the amount in ounces you must drink to maintain BASIC level hydration.  If you are working out, getting body work, getting sick, or doing spiritual clearing, then the amount increases from there.  Seriously, if you do this, you won’t get sick!

-GET MINERALIZED…that might not be a real word, but do it anyway!  We are very rarely able to get enough from our diets and it’s critical now to be hydrated and have the proper minerals on board so as to be clear and efficient conduits of all the voltage moving through our bodies.  We don’t want that electricity to have a bumpy ride through our system, we want to ground it down smoothly and easily, right?  I recommend taking a food-based supplement, like a green powder, or fulvic/humic acid, or liquid minerals in water every day.

-SLEEP…more than you think you need to.  Trust that you are evolving and that requires plenty of rest.  Add an extra hour or two a night on to what you normally sleep and see if you feel better.  Perhaps you’re a nap person.  Whatever works for you.  Just make sure you have plenty of time to sleep, rest, and have some unstructured time to just space out or play.  Think about how much kids sleep because they are growing so much.  We are growing a lot now.  Powering through doesn’t work any more.  Honor your need for sleep.

-BATHE…more than you may think necessary, maybe.  A salt bath is especially helpful.  Try epsom salts mixed with sea salt and don’t be afraid to put a lot in.  You’ll get the bonus of cleansing, hydrating AND mineralizing all in one!  Only stay in the salt bath for 15-20 minutes as after that, it ceases to be useful and is actually kinda gross.  For a longer soak just go for a regular ol’ bath, or go to the hot springs!  We are blessed in Oregon with some wonderful natural hot springs.  If you don’t have a tub, you can scrub with salt in the shower.  It can be a little intense on the skin, so go easy on the tender spots.  As we clear more and more third density baggage, we will need to keep sweeping it out of our fields and flushing it out.  Taking a bath or shower is an easy way to clear on the energetic level as well as physical.

I know that this all seems obvious, but please notice!  Are you really taking care of the basics?  It’s not optional.  Trust that it is of the utmost importance right now to do the simple things with impeccable care and diligence.

Here’s to your radiant health and evolution!