Self-Care Tool: Ask Your Body

Here’s an interesting concept:  Asking your body about anything that concerns it!

How many times have you had a real dialogue with your body?  Is is usually more of a monologue, a litany of complaints, or demands in which you’re pushing your body to perform?  Do you ever look at your body and think hateful thoughts?  Ever wished it was different?  Do you ever feel victimized by your body?  Like, “Oh, no!  I can’t believe I’m getting sick/injured/whatever again!”

Well, I wouldn’t know anything about that!  You’re on your own!

Actually, I have totally been there–of course–and am still working on it, but I’ve been using this amazing tool that has helped immensely and I’d like to share with you.  It’s called Ask Your Body.

What if the way to experience greater joy and ease through the body was to actually have a relationship in which the conversations weren’t all one-sided, but rather invitations to your body to share it’s wisdom, it’s desires, and it’s needs with you?  What if you actually listened to your body on a regular basis?  Consulting with it on issues that directly concerned it, like eating food?  And what if, by listening regularly, you could avoid your body having to shout it’s messages to you by getting sick/injured/whatever just to get your attention?

What if you could ask your body about whatever concerns it, thereby opening up a dialogue that led to a healthier relationship in which your body became your ally?

I invite you to try this tool from Access Consciousness:  Ask Your Body!

Here’s how it works:  For example, you’re standing in front of your closet of clothing wondering what to wear.  You can ask your body what IT wants to wear!  Just say, silently or aloud, “Body, what would you like to wear today?”  You may hear an answer, just suddenly know the answer, perhaps a certain garment seems to jump out at you, perhaps you feel your body gently sway toward a certain piece of clothing, but no mater how the answer shows up, trust it.  Even if you can’t tell if the answer has shown up at all, trust that it has and on some level your spirit has received it and is guiding your actions.  This is where faith comes in–faith in yourself and your ability to receive the message.  Thank your body for it’s answer and honor it by wearing what it has chosen to wear that day.  Even if you don’t feel the answer at first, imagine that you can, and follow the energy.  Remember, if you have cut off communication for a long time, it may take a little while to re-establish contact, but it will continue to grow, becoming stronger each time.

Other opportunities for asking your body include:  asking your body what it wants to eat, asking your body what environment it wants to be in, asking your body where it wants to go on vacation, what paint color it wants on the walls, what perfume it wants to wear, what shoes to buy, what hair cut it wants, what vitamins it wants to take, and the list goes on!  Get creative!  Just start asking and see where the energy leads you.

Some people are naturally in tune with what their body wants, but even if you are one of these intuitive people, I invite you to explore this in a conscious way, bringing more awareness to the process and the information you’re receiving.  You may even be surprised at some of the answers you receive!

The really cool thing about this tool–besides having an amazing new friendship!–is that once your body becomes an ally, a true and trusted friend, who trusts YOU, it will start to do things that you want to do, too!

I have so much gratitude for the Access Consciousness community for putting amazing tools like Ask Your Body out into the world for people like me to stumble upon, experiment with, and share with people like you!

Keep following your body’s guidance, your inner knowing, and the mysterious, synchronistic universal energy all around you!

Love & Blessings,