Self-Care Tool: Clearing & Grounding


Energetic Spring Cleaning!

Now that we’ve moved into some planetary alignments that are stirring up the energy, it’s a great time to get clear and grounded.

Here are a couple simple tools from my energy work toolbox that you can play with and see they help you feel lighter, find more clarity, and stay grounded.

Create a Grounding Cord

Take a moment to close your eyes, bring your attention inward, and connect with your body by taking a few cleansing, expansive, and mindful breaths.

Next, bring your awareness to the base of the spine.  Breathe into it…and as you breathe, imagine a big taproot or cord of light starting from this area and going down, down, down…through the floor, through the building, and down into the earth.

With every breath, send it deeper…til you reach the center of the earth.

Once you reach the center, draw the earth energy up, up, up your grounding cord, making your cord bigger, juicier, more radiant, and powerful…all the way up to the base of your spine.

Allow the energy to radiate through every cell of your body…and enjoy your connection to Mother Earth.

With your intention, you can keep this energetic cord grounding you all throughout the day.

If you start to feel agitated, spacey, or tired, remember your grounding cord.  Just focusing on it again for a moment will strengthen the connection again.

You can even make the command, “Grounding cord activate”  or “Grounding cord bigger”

Once you have established the grounding cord, you can stop there, or for a simple clearing technique, you can continue to run the energy to further clear your major energy centers and field.

Running Energy

After creating your radiant, light-filled grounding cord, imagine this energy lighting up the energy center at the base of the spine as a brilliant sphere of golden light.  The beautiful golden light is cleansing all negative energy from this center.

Next, keep the first ball of light going as you draw the energy up the spine to the energy center at your navel, creating another beautiful ball of light, cleansing the second center, front and back of the spine.

Continue up the spine to the third center at the solar plexus, lighting it up and cleansing it with the golden light, shining it out from a sphere centered at the spine.  Feel it cleansing all negative emotions, making it easier to breathe.

Next comes the heart center, cleansed in the golden light.  Enjoy the feeling of your radiant heart, shining out in all directions, 360 degrees.

Keep going up the spine to the throat center, lighting it up and clearing all negative energies with the radiant golden light.

Next comes the center at the third eye, in the center of the head.  Light up this center with the golden energy, clearing all energetic congestion and cleansing it completely…lighting up your whole brain.  Creating clarity and ease in the mental center.

Continue up to the 7th center, at the crown of the head.  Create a radiantly beautiful sphere at the top of the head, shining out in all directions,  clearing the channel to your knowing, and your connection to universal Source consciousness.

Let the crown grow bigger and brighter…and then, finally, allow the light to spill out from the crown in a sparkling shower of golden light all around you.  As the light showers down, it cleanses all energetic congestion and negativity in your field.   It cascades down into the earth, where Mother Earth transmutes the energy, turning it back into fresh, clean earth prana.

As with the grounding cord, you can, with the power of your intention, keep this energy running for as long as you like.

I invite you to play with these tools and see how they work for you!

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