Land + Space Clearing

Are you sensitive to the energies of the spaces you inhabit? Can you sense something doesn’t feel right in a home, room, office or property? Do you avoid certain areas of your home because you don’t like the vibe there? If so, it might be time for a land and space clearing.

Some of the benefits of energetically clearing a space may include: improvement in chronic illnesses, relief from insomnia, reduction in allergies, less stress symptoms in pets and children, healthier plants and more abundant wildlife on the property, and overall increase in health and wellness for all inhabitants. In Europe, doctors are participating in studies that are delving into the relationship of geopathic stress and cancer!

“Many thanks for clearing and blessing my new home.  It feels so clean, clear, peaceful…”

In a land and space clearing, I draw on years of experience working as a professional lightworker to scan your space to discover what specific energies or entities might need to be cleared.  Then, working co-creatively with Source energy and the nature spirits of the land, we transmute any toxic earth energies, release any earth-bound spirits, clear psychic imprints and curses, or anything else that might be occurring on the property, to return the space and land to a harmonious balance. This is a beautiful service to gift to the land, the nature spirits, the ancestors, and any and all inhabitants energetic and physical.

“I just returned to my apartment and it feels SO safe and clear. I am so happy as it feels like home now. I do feel like nothing can come in which is a relief after an arduous struggle with entities and negative energy in my space!”

One of the amazing things about the process I employ is that the results are practically permanent, meaning the clearing will last for several hundred years unless the psychic structures are removed. Once the clearing is complete and the auto-clearing structures are installed, all that is sometimes needed is a brief check-in later to see if anything needs fine tuning.

I believe it is up to humanity to take responsibility for cleaning up our own psychic garbage, and much of it has been dumped into the earth, other beings, and our dwellings unconsciously for many years.

It’s time we recognize the truth that we can’t put our psychic trash outside of ourselves, because we are one. When we accept this, we can take responsibility for ourselves on the individual level and on the collective level. This is empowering, because we can and will make a difference!

“The house feels VERY different today! It feels sweet, NEW, oddly an extension of ME or MORE MINE. The energy shift is so strong I actually felt a rush or high from it while taking it all in.”

The process I use is remote, so I can clear energy for anyone, anywhere. I can also clear offices, farms, gardens, studios, cars, you name it.

Are you ready to live in a space free of psychic garbage from the past who-knows-how-many-years?  Are you willing to clear energies that may be affecting your health and the health of your family, animals, or plants?  If so, start with a free consultation you can book below.

I am honored to be able to provide this service and I delight in co-creating healthy spaces for you to thrive in.

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